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Our Setup

Supporting Facility
PCB routers placements in PCB routing machines have been made to the panel route PCB assemblies inhouse grouting fixtures are Now manufactured in house using skill developed over last 2 years PCB assembly scan BD panel short notice of winding dry cabinets dry cabinets are used not only to store most SMD components in the stores also to store ready assemblies after Smt production with or without nitrogen application tracking system Zeal Electromech has invested into reflow trackers data pack to ensure absolute control flow and wave soldering profiles

As the products being handled by Zeal Electromech has become increasingly complex, investing in the right operators and their correct and timely training is the challenge. Zeal Electromech Pvt. Ltd. has a team of 10 skilled operators at any given point of time, Reasonable salaries, superb work environment decent facilities of transportation and canteen, planned leaves and a good training plan gives a motivated team Machirp

Reflow soldering System – A Reflow soldering System TANGTECK (8 heating 2 cooling zones) With center board support.used Zeal Electromech along with Datapack reflow tracker system.

Wave Soldering Machine – A standard dual preheater, dual wave soldering machine with foam fluxer is used by Zeal Electromech for reliable soldering of mass production boards.

Precision Soldering – Zeal Electromech has experienced PC610E trained operators Who have for 5 years more and have very high skill levels Zeal has many IPC certified specialists

Rework – Rework of customer boards is done using BGA rework system With our IPC 610E & IPC-J-STD-001D trained technicians and engineers.


Automatic Optical Inspection (Inline AOI)

For pre-programmed verification of the correctness of placement of chip components and IC’s, for solder quantity and solder fillet quality inspection and for detection of solder shorts, bridges and solder balls, this inline AOI system was installed.

Zeal Electromech has IPC 61 OE trained specialists, who meet the expectations of the challenging automotive custom.

Zeal Electromech has 1 inline AOI, 1 Video Zoom (40x) magnification systems, microscopes and inspection lens and stereo microscopes.

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