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Special Assembly

Turn Key Assembly

The term turnkey generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the purchaser in a frame that is prepared quick utilization. At the point when applied two PCB assembly, turnkey means that the provider handles all parts PCB solutions including components procuring and PCB assembling, picking and placing components on specific locations on your custom PCBs. generally full turnkey PCB get together give the buyer more noteworthy opportunity to focus on PCB design, whereas supplier takes care of the rest which is the reason it is a main type off one stop electronic assembly.

Box Build Assembly

Electronic box build assembly incorporates various assembly work engaged within electro-mechanical gathering. The process involves assembling printed circuit board together insider protective cover and advanced Task may incorporate the unpredictable undertaking of connecting PCB assembly to UI a display.

Box Build Assembly

Zeal Electromech offers a complete manufacturing solution that goes beyond PCB assembly. We provide integrated manufacturing services to our customers in order to produce a complete product.

PCB Assembly

Zeal Electromech is a prominent provider of full-service manufacturing, ranging from Printed Circuit Assembly to Complete System Integration and Box Build.

NPI Support

Any EMS company's NPI is at the heart of its operations. To offer high-quality goods, Zeal Electromech has a well-developed NPI process and a competent staff.