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Sub Assembly



We have the experience at Zeal Electromech Pvt Ltd to make high-quality PCBAs in accordance with the IATF 16949 specifications. Assembly tables are located on our well-equipped shop floor, which includes a wide range of machines. Zeal Electromech Pvt Ltd can ensure excellent PCBAs, Sub Assemblies, and box constructed goods thanks to well-designed manufacturing methods, total quality management, and precision assembly.

We can offer a high-quality end product customized to your specifications, whether the final product involves multiple components or just a simple assembly. Problems will be avoided thanks to our devoted team, quality management, and high precision machinery, and we can ensure that each project will be delivered to the highest standard.

Box Build Assembly

Zeal Electromech offers a complete manufacturing solution that goes beyond PCB assembly. We provide integrated manufacturing services to our customers in order to produce a complete product.

PCB Assembly

Zeal Electromech is a prominent provider of full-service manufacturing, ranging from Printed Circuit Assembly to Complete System Integration and Box Build.

NPI Support

Any EMS company's NPI is at the heart of its operations. To offer high-quality goods, Zeal Electromech has a well-developed NPI process and a competent staff.